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Vision Therapy Testimonials

Upstate Vision Therapy has been such a positive experience for both my son and our entire family. The therapists are Jack's cheerleaders and even when his day has been long, he loves to go to his sessions and always leaves with a smile on his face. They are helping us fix a small problem, that without them, could have been a big and lifelong problem.

Katie Chastain

Both my boys were struggling in school with attention, reading and their eye-hand coordination wasn't good. After several months of Vision Therapy and at home practice both boys didn't have to struggle as much in school. They had better attention and it was easier to read and copy from the board. Now they both love to read, can catch a football and hit a nice forehand in tennis. They have confidence which is so nice to see.

Michelle W.
Occupational Therapist

My son has always had trouble reading. He couldn't keep up with the other children in first grade; in fact he could barely read at all. Placement in a special reading program at school helped him overcome his difficulty getting started, but he still hated to read and had difficulty in all his subjects but math. He couldn't stay focused on the page when I made him read and, although he has a terrific memory, he couldn't tell me what he had read when asked to read a paragraph from a story.
I heard about Dr. Skinner's work and hoped that she would be able to help. As it turned out, my son couldn't follow the lines of text on the page — his eyes would skip words, even lines. Can you imagine trying to piece together a story with all the words out of order? No wonder he had such difficulty — he couldn't follow his textbooks and it showed in all his schoolwork.
It turned out that both my children had difficulty tracking words on the page. They both completed Dr. Skinner's program and loved every minute. I've seen the results in their schoolwork. In fact, before we started my son read at a year below his grade level and now he's reading four years above his grade level!

Heidi M.